Founded in 1975, TUMI takes its name from a Peruvian icon known to its founder from his Peace Corps days in South America.

The Tumi Difference


The TUMI Difference

Exceptional quality and high performance products have made TUMI the leading International, lifestyle and accessories brand that travelers depend on consistently. This is what we call the TUMI Difference.

TUMI's World of Sports

TUMI is proud to outfit the following prestigious sports teams and partners with high-performance
products designed to empower their journeys.

What Makes Us Different

Our elevated craftsmanship, durability and resiliency is in the DNA of everything we produce. We create products that are sustainable and feature exclusive materials, creating travel solutions for today and beyond. The following four principles guide us as we continually evolve, creating innovating and testing products to meet the needs of our customers.

Design Excellence

We seek it. We study it. Yes, we obsess over it. From aeronautics to automotives to sports — we’re constantly inspired by the world’s most innovative industries to create products that work for you. And with more than 125 patents to our name, our passion for forward-thinking is what keeps us ahead of the curve.

Technical Innovations

We create products that incorporate the most advanced and state-of-the-art components to provide solutions that prevent problems from arising

Functional Superiority

Our innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. People inspire everything we do. That is why we take every product out into the real world to be assessed in multiple scenarios. Our products are put through comprehensive testing to ensure they will perform and endure. And, in the unlikely event you have an issue — we'll fix it.

Superior Quality

We want to keep you and your TUMI on the road. Each bag has undergone rigorous testing to ensure its durability meets our high standards.

Before crossing the finish line

At TUMI, all products are put through a combination of 41 unique tests, many of which we pioneered.
Tumble Test
Bags tossed in a tumbler 125 times
Handle Jerk Test
Pull/jerk handles to ensure it’s secure
Zipper Tensile Test
Zippers that won’t tear
Mileage Cycle Test
Smooth wheel operation

At Your Service

When you purchase a TUMI product, you also purchase a promise that if something goes wrong, we will fix it. If your question starts with "Can you help…?" The answer is always yes.


Innovative by Nature
Sustainable by Choice

TUMI products protect your belongings when you travel. Our planet is an astonishing place, and we believe it’s our responsibility to preserve it for travelers of the future. By putting excellence and quality first, we are committed to creating quality TUMI products that have lifelong purpose, supported by our rigorous testing standards, recycled materials and global repair network.

Built to Last

Exceptional quality and unparalleled durability are paramount to every piece TUMI creates, including those made with recycled materials.

Recycled Material Innovation

Our recycled collections use fabric made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles as well as recycled nylon.

Global Repair Network

If something goes awry, we'll fix it. If it breaks, we’ll repair it. If it’s lost, we’ll help you track it with the TUMI Tracer® recovery program. This means fewer bags end up in landfills.


Partners We Believe In

Making a positive impact on communities is a big part of our sustainability effort, and helping to take
care of the most vulnerable among us aligns with our mission; it is a core element of what we do. We
focus on promoting well-being; empowering vulnerable communities; and protecting our planet.
All together for the planet.
1% for the Planet
  • • 1% of sales of our 19 Degree collection, made with recycled polycarbonate, will
    be donated to certified nonprofits.
  • • The 1% for the Planet network has over 5,000 nonprofits in over 90 countries.
  • • Over $400 million dollars donated by the 1% for the Planet network since they
    were founded in 2002.
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