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How do I go about sending my bag in for repair?
What is your warranty policy for the first year of ownership?
What is your warranty policy for years after the 1st year of ownership?
What is your warranty policy for TUMI's Global Locator?
Why can't I see my registered TUMI products in my TUMI.com profile?
Where is my Tracer Plate located ?
Can I use two credit cards to pay for my purchase?
How can I check the status of my order?
What is the sequence my order will take during the tracking period?
Can I change or cancel my order?
How do I add products to my shopping cart?
How do I submit feedback for my Tumi products and/or experience?
What is FXT Military Ballistic Nylon?
Who can I contact for inventory availability of a product in a Tumi store/outlet?
How do I set my TUMI lock? Where is my key?
How can I learn more about a product?
How do I know if a product is available?
What are the cleaning instructions for Tumi products?
What is your return policy?
How do I return an item purchased on TUMI.com?
How do I return an item I purchase in another country?
How do I exchange an item I order through TUMI.com?
How can I return my TUMI product when purchasing with Apple Pay or PayPal?
How can I make changes to my shopping cart?
When should I expect to my products to be shipped?
What if I am shipped the wrong product, color, or size?
When will I receive my tracking number?
Why can't I ship an item I want from the U.S. website to another country and vice versa?
What carrier does Tumi use to ship their products?
Is Tumi responsible for any charges from an outside party?
Can items ordered ship separately?